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Xi'ning Prison

Xi'ning Prison is a prison in Qinghai province. It exists since 1952. It is assigned one of the 12 largest Laogai mines in Northwestern China. It is connected to a prison firm, Qinghaihu Hand Tools Limited Liability Company.


Reshui is a town in Qinghai Sheng, China at the base of the Jingpeng Pass. Reshui Town is at an altitude of 1,000 m, approx. The time zone of Reshui is UTC+8. It has a latitude of 43°27'24.94"N and a longitude of 117°43'29.13"E.

Reshui Town is located on the 943 km long Jitong Railway, which was officially connected to National network and fully operative on 01.12.1995. The railway runs from Benhong to Zhelimu . Reshui Town is close to Galadesitai railway station, located at 517 km. This railway was operated by QJ steam engines operating in tandem until Autumn 2005. The railway has many spectacular features, particularly viaducts, and is now dieselised.

Reshui Town is in a development phase with many new buildings from 2004 and a new road by pass.

"Reshui" is a Chinese word that translates roughly as "hot spring", presumably referring to the hot springs in the area.

There are several raided burial tombs in a necropolis in Reshui.

Qing Dynasty Emperor Kangxi said the water from Reshui was " holy water as precious as golden spring". Kangxi used to take hot water baths in Reshui after battles. Other emperors have also enjoyed the hot waters of Reshui.

Liuwan Museum of Ancient Painted Pottery

The Liuwan Museum of Ancient Painted Pottery is a museum located in Ledu county, in the of Qinghai.

The museum opened in 2004 and has a collection of 37,925 objects. It is the largest painted pottery museum in China.

List of prisons in Qinghai

This is a list of prisons within Qinghai province of the People's Republic of China.

* Chaidamu Prison
* Dongchuan Prison
* Dulan Prison
* Gonghe Prison
* Guinan Prison
* Haibei Haomen Prison
* Hualong Prison
* Jianxin Prison
* Menyuan Prison
* Nanshan Prison
* Nantan Prison
* Qinghai Provincial Women's Prison
* Tanghe Prison
* Wulan Prison
* Xichuan Prison
* Xi'ning Prison

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List of administrative divisions of Qinghai

Qinghai, a of the People's Republic of China, is made up of the following :

* 8 prefecture-level divisions
** 1 prefecture-level city
** 1
** 6 autonomous prefectures
* 43 county-level divisions
** 2 county-level cities
** 30
** 7 autonomous counties
** 4 s
* 429 township-level divisions
** 115 s
** 253 s
** 30 ethnic townships
** 31 subdistricts

All of these administrative divisions are explained in greater detail at Political divisions of China. This chart lists all prefecture-level and county-level divisions of Qinghai.

1 — The administrative committees are not standard units of local government, though they do function as such.

Haixi Mongol and Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture

Ethnic groups in Haixi, 2000 census


Haixi directly governs 2 and 3 .